Waterfalls - Alice Doggett Photography
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Steelhead Falls, Deschutes River, Terebonne, OR

We visited Steelhead Falls on a sunny but cold January day. There was ice on the steep trail from the parking lot down to the falls, with some mud thrown in due to a push of warm weather and the sun. We'd been to the area a couple of weeks before and found the trail too icy to even use, so this time we put Yaktrax on our boots. That worked! Our timing wasn't the greatest—it was foggy when we started out and I expected to shoot the falls under an overcast sky, but just when I got to the falls, the clouds lifted and the sun came out. So I ended up pointing my camera directly into the sun, but found some branches from a tree to shield part of the glare. Lots of spray from the falls filled the air. The canyon surrounding the river and falls is spectacular.